*WAVES frantically*

…..alsooooooo wanted to drop in and say hello , it’s been a while 

Brother Saturn + Chromadrift Update!

so a lot has happened since the last time I updated this blog here…

New releases for both Brother Saturn and Chromadrift happened, and I just so happen to have my first live performance under Chromadrift next month! you can check out Brother Saturn here at: http://brothersaturn.bandcamp.com and Chromadrift @ http://music.chromadrift.com 



Brother Saturn

For those who don’t know: “Brother Saturn” is my new ambient , drone musical project. I started Brother Saturn in January of 2013. It’s taken me on several journey’s through sound. I hope this music relaxes you, motivates you, and above all I hope it’s enjoyable. 

This new piece is entitled “Arctic Happiness” #ambient #drone #newage

http://brothersaturn.bandcamp.com is where you can find my other two releases so far.